Aloha and welcome!

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to visit.  As an educator and writer, I have developed an awareness of the creative process and what helps or hinders it.  Like many ink slingers, I relish inspirational writing books, conferences, workshops, and small groups. More than those, however, I believe a  writer must be in community with people who support a reflective and creative life.  My hope is to help encourage and inspire writers, young and old, to live the creative life, to find their voice, and to use their God-given gifts to create beauty and find meaning.

Right now, I am mainly working with kids, and this summer I hope to offer a Creative Writing class for youngsters, ages 8-11.  Feedback from previous sessions has been positive, as young writers are flexing their creative muscles is new ways.   Students will be encouraged to submit their work to a number of magazines written by kids and for kids.  Click on “Writing Classes” to learn more.  To apply to the Summer Creative Writing Workshop for kids, you may obtain an application by clicking here. Parents may complete a survey that will allow them to express their expectations and desires for a writing class.  Students must provide a writing sample and answer a survey, so that I may plan customized courses.

Aloha and Welcome!

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